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Although listed by Judd as a regular dies trial piece struck in silver, Taxay describes this as a mint error, struck on a dime planchet which your editor believes is the more likely scenario.

At least 2 examples are known:

1) McCoy (Woodward 5/1864), Cohen (Cogan 10/1875), Roberts, unknown intermediaries, H Chapman 6/6/1898, Brand (journal id #18625), Opezzo-Stacks 8/41, Farouk, Judd, Sloss, 79 ANA - Ch AU or better. It was withdrawn from the 79 ANA sale and, to my knowledge, has not appeared on the market since. This piece appears in 2 B.G. Johnson invoices - Boyd on 7/19/1940 and Stacks on 7/8/1941.

2) Heritage 9/08 sale - NGCG6, illustrated above.

Photo courtesy of Andy Lustig.