Click to enlargeJ510/P594

The regular dies trial piece struck in copper and/or bronze. According to Kurt Brintzenhofe, at least 2 examples are known and they were struck from 2 different reverse dies, one of which has a prominent center dot. The illustrated piece is the one without the center dot.

A single example of this die trial is also known struck in steel or pure nickel as J512/P595. It is ex-Haseltine (Lot 562), Sept. 1876; Cogan ‘A.S. Jenks’ (Lot 209), Nov. 1877; Parmelee (part of Lot 165), 1890; Woodin, Brenner; ANS 1914; Brand, unknown intermediaries; Kagin’s ‘Mid Atlantic’ (Lot 1871), Nov. 1974; B & R Rare Coin Review No. 24 (1975), p. 58, No. 25 (1975), p. 69, No. 26 (1976), p. 75, No. 28 (1977), p. 66; No. 29 (1977), p. 75, and No. 30 (1978), p. 67; J.E. Drew, W. Wilcox - NGC64.

At least 2 examples in copper are mint errors struck on cent planchets and should not be confused with the copper die trials. For additional information on these, click here.

Photo courtesy of PCGS.

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