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Washington obverse with "United States Of America" combined with the regular without rays reverse as used from 1867 onward.

This muling is believed to have been struck outside the mint from dies sold as scrap metal which were purchased by Joseph Mickley. Many of these coins ended up in the Crosby collection. It is not known if Mickley or Crosby was the actual minter of these coins.

Examples are known as follows:

Nickel J516/P543 with the only known example overstruck on an 1867 Shield nickel. It is ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:588); Roach (Lot 2903); ANA 1952; Fuld; Picker; Lohr; Kosoff; Crouch (Lot 205), B & R ‘Branigan’ (Lot 1771), Aug. 1978

Copper J517/P544 perfect reverse with 4 confirmed

1) Crosby (Lot 1791); Stack’s ‘Garrett’ (Lot 582), Mar. 1976; Stack’s (Lot 455), Dec. 1980; Melnick ‘Hoffman’ (Lot 45), Nov. 1982; Stack’s ‘Barker’ (Lot 309), Oct. 1986, Early American History Auctions, Feb. 2008, Saul Teichman - PCGS64RB with perfect strike, illustrated above courtesy of Saul Teichman

2) Stack's, 10/2000, lot 1599 (as J-519), W. Wilcox, Leidman December 2016 inventory - NGC61BN, with perfect strike

3) Kreisberg, Feb. 1960; Kagin’s ‘Sale of the 70s’ (Lot 339), Nov. 1973; B & M (Lot 1194), NERCG 1974 Catalog Vol 1, June 1996, Heritage 11/03, ANR/Stacks 11/06 as NGC63BN, Simpson-Heritage 8/21, Heritage 8/22 ANA - PCGS65BN, reverse double struck with about 40 degree rotation between strikings

4) Boyd; Farouk (Lot 1803); Green; Fuld; Picker; Kosoff; Crouch (Lot 206), Stacks 11/08 (unsold), Stacks 3/09, StacksBowers 2012 ANA, Scotsman 7/15 (unsold), GreatCollections 9/15, StacksBowers 8/16 ANA - reverse double struck with 170 degree rotation between strikings and also scratch above C in Cent - PCGS63BN

One of these last 3 is ex H. Chapman 7/22 sale lot 959, another is ex Dr Hall, Brand (journal #49986:102).

Note: The listing in Pollock for one ex David Queller 74.5 grains, .854 in., 360 degrees­ Perfect reverse, appears to be an error since it was not in Heritage's 1/09 sale unless this represents the Brass piece below ?

Silver J518/P545 which is unconfirmed

Brass J519/P546 which is believed to be unique with the pedigree below.

1) Crosby, Woodin, Brenner-ANS 1914, Brand (journal #92500:588b), Lohr, B & R Rare Coin Review, Nos. 21 and 22 (1974), pp. 43 and 80; Queller-Heritage 1/09 as NGC64, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - PCGS64, perfect reverse.

Lead J520/P547 with 4 known, the first 2 of which were struck from the perfect reverse die and the last 3 from the cracked reverse die indicating 2 striking runs.

1) Boyd; Farouk (Lot 1803); Green; Fuld; Picker; Kosoff; Crouch (Lot 207); Kagin’s ‘Great Eastern’ (Lot 3266), Oct. 1983.

2) Newman-EPNNES, Heritage 4/13 as NGC63, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS63 medallic alignment, testing returned 42% bismuth, 31% lead and 22% tin (fusible alloy).

3) Kreisberg-Schulman ‘R.K. Harris’ (Lot 2496), May 1958; Stack’s ‘Auction 89’:(Lot 1848), July 1989; B & M (Lot 932), Sept. 1994; Heritage ‘ANA 1996’ (Lot 5011), Aug. 1996 - $3,520, Stacks 7/08 (unsold), Stacks 11/08, Heritage 1/12, StacksBowers 2012 ANA, Heritage 1/13, Scotsman 7/15 (unsold), GreatCollections 9/15, StacksBowers 8/16 ANA - PCGS60.

4) Private collection since 1969. Illustrated below courtesy of Saul Teichman

One of these is ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:588a).

It is unclear if the first 2, which appear to have significant amounts of other metals, should be given a separate Judd number as white metal. Until one of the broken reverse die pieces is tested, we prefer to leave them all under one Judd number

Lead on a broad planchet J520A/P547A which is unique and ex Kagin’s ‘Metropolitan Washington’ (Lot 1125), July 1975; Kagin’s ‘ANA Sale’ (Lot 2109), Aug. 1988, Superior 1/96, Heritage 6/18, 6/14/20 - PCGSAU58

As Judd gives different numbers based on planchet diameter, this coin should be J520A.

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Photo courtesy of Stacks.