Click to enlargeJ526/P554

This muling of 2 Washington obverse dies with "United States of America" is believed to have been struck outside the mint from dies sold as scrap metal which were purchased by Joseph Mickley. Many of these coins ended up in the Crosby collection. It is not known if Mickley or Crosby was the actual minter of these coins.

Examples are listed as follows:

Copper J525/P553 with only the Garrett, Wilcox - PCGS62BN coin confirmed.

White metal J526/P554 with at least 3 known:

1) Crouch-Superior 6/77 lot 210, Kagins 10/83, Smythe 7/04, Simpson-Heritage 2/21 - PCGS64, illustrated above.

2) Crouch-Superior 6/77 lot 211

3) Hughes 1/80, Stacks 6/88, B/M 3/97, Wilcox, Leidman - NGCAU58

These were made from planchets which are not mint standard so attributions as to the true composition of these is questionable. Metallurgical analysis of these is recommended.

For a description and pictures of the individual dies, please read the article 'A Group Restruck Patterns' by George Fuld by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of R.M. Smythe from their July 2004 sale.