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The unique 1866 "No Motto" quarter. This coin, deliberately struck for Robert Coulton Davis probably circa 1869 or in the early 1870s in a set with the half dollar and dollar.

It was offered in the 1890 auction of the Davis collection and later appears in H.O Granberg's collection, possibly via Dewitt Smith, as Granberg displays the set in the 1914 ANS exhibit in NYC. The coin is offered in the U.S. Coin Company's Prominent American sale in 1915 and next appears in the Col Green collection where it is later offered to F.C.C. Boyd in the 1940s, to King Farouk to Kosoff's Hydeman sale to the Willis du Pont collection from which it is stolen in 1967 and recovered in December 1999. To view the set, click here.

The coin was on display at the ANA until, according to the February 20, 2015 article in Coin World by Paul Gilkes, the Dupont family donated the coins to the Smithsonian in November 2014.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of the American Numismatic Association.