Click to enlargeJ568/P637

This design with a star on Liberty's coronet, although listed in Judd and Pollock, is not confirmed to exist today. Taxay lists it as EP502 and notes its offering in a February 1882 Bangs and Company sale. This was actually lot 955 in Sampson's 2/16/1882 sale. It is likely as misdescription of J566/P627 with the obverse without star on coronet was poorly described as is lot 1550 of the 1914 Gable sale. Another possibility is J570/P638 or J570/P640 both of which have the word 'Cents' curved on the reverse.

The listing in Judd of this as AW619 is an error which lends even more credence to this being a misdescription.

This is a composite. Photos used are courtesy of Teletrade.