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This is the famous 1836 Gobrecht dollar with "C. GOBRECHT F." in the exerge below the base struck in copper.

This is a restrike believed to have been struck in the late 1860s to mid-1870s for sale to collectors.

The reverse, only used for restriking, has various die markers which are noted in the illustration below and exist on all known examples.

They were struck in die alignment III as were all copper Gobrecht dollars.

Only 3 examples are confirmed as follows:

1) Haseltine 2/1877 lot 557 at $20,50 (first occurrence for any copper Gobrecht - ex Idler?), Scott 12/1878 at $15.50?, Parmelee 6/1890 lot 26, Woodside 4/1892, Woodin-1914 ANS, Newcomer, Col Green, (St. Louis Stamp & Coin-Eric Newman & B.G. Johnson), Farouk-Sotheby’s 2/54 lot 1716, J. Turoff-B/M 3/94 lot 1454 at $11,000 as PCGS60RB, Stacks 7/08 (not sold), Stacks 7/09 as PCGS61RB cleaned, Simpson-Heritage 11/20 - PCGS63RB, illustrated above

2) B/R 6/75 lot 1260 at $6000 later to C. Smith of San Clemente California (per Coin World classified section), B/M 7/02, Dr. Korein, ANS - PCGS64RB illustrated below

3) Wharton-Stacks 10/45 lot 1627, Kagin 9/72 lot 44, Heritage 8/2010 as NGC64BN, Simpson collection - PCGS65BN, see thumbnail image at the very top of this page.

Note: Col Green owned 2 of these.

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These were also struck in silver J58/P61

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Photos courtesy of Stacks & Bowers and Merena and Heritage.