Click to enlargeJ601/P664

These are believed to have been struck outside the mint from dies sold as scrap metal by Joseph Mickley. Many of these coins ended up in the Crosby collection. It is not known if Mickley or Crosby was the actual minter of these coins.

Examples are believed struck as follows:

Silver J601A/P663

1) Crosby, Garrett-JHU, Garrett II sale, Sprinkle, Gore - silver, thus J601A/P663.

2) B/M 1/11 - PCGS Proof genuine, VF details

Nickel J601/P664

1) Newcomer, Judd, Bartlett - composition unconfirmed.

2) ex Jay Parino, B/M 1/97, ANR 6/06 - apparently nickel, thus J601/P664 - illustrated above.

One of these was lot 858 in H. Chapman's 3/1917 sale, another is ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand.

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Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.