Click to enlargeJ615/P680

These were issued in sets along with a cent and 5 cent piece. To view the set, click here.

This design shows a wide obverse rim. Pollock quotes Tom Delorey who noted that the obverse design is a regular 17.9mm 3 cent obverse set in a 1 cent size 19.1mm die blank, leaving wide borders whereas the reverse is normal 1 cent size.

In addition to the illustrated example in nickel, these were struck in the following combinations:

Copper-nickel J615A/P681. These are either struck on 88% copper, 12% nickel planchets or may be oroide. Pollock lists 3 on both thick and thin planchets.

Copper J616/P682 with about half a dozen known.

Aluminum J617/P683. This appears to be unique with only the Woodside, Newcomer coin appearing to exist.

Photo courtesy of Superior.