Click to enlargeJ624/P693

These were issued in sets along with a cent and three cent piece. To view the set, click here.

Examples were struck in the following combinations on both regular and wide planchets as illustrated below.

Nickel on regular planchet J623/P692 with probably 40-50 pieces known.

Nickel on wide planchet J624/P693 with 2-3 dozen believed to exist.

Nickel on wide planchet with reeded edge J625/P694 Existence unconfirmed.

Copper on regular planchet J626/P695 with a half dozen known including one die spacer set-up piece which sold as lot 2474 in Bowers and Merena's 11/83 sale.

Copper on wide planchet J627/P696 with about a dozen known.

Copper on wide planchet with reeded edge J628/P697 with a half dozen known.

Aluminum on regular planchet J629/P698 with the following 3 believed to be different

1) B/R 9/75, HIM 11/82, Kagin's 1/83, January-August 2020 sales - PCGS62 with some corrosion streaks on upper left reverse

2) Farouk?, Kagin's 8/77 ANA - PCGS63, looks like it is lacquered on the PCGSCoinFacts website

3) Stack's 1/99 described as having scattered carbon spots on obverse

The Ivy 1980 ANA sale piece is probably an additional appearance for one of the 3 listed above.

Aluminum on wide planchet P699. This is mentioned by Taxay, its existence is unconfirmed.