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The 1836 Gobrecht dollar with C. GOBRECHT F. incuse on base struck in copper. This is a restrike, struck in die alignment III probably in the late 1860s to mid-1870s deliberately for sale to collectors.

On the obverse, there is die rust to the left of Liberty's face

The reverse, used only for restriking, has various die markers which are noted in the illustration below.

Only 2 examples are confirmed although a third is likely.

1) 67 ANA, Hughes 7/80, Southern collection, Simpson collection, illustrated above, click on the thumbnail image to see an enlargement.

2) Dr. Korein, ANS, illustrated below.

Old listings include:

1) Parmelee 6/1890 lot 25, Low 6/03 lot 532, Earle 6/12 lot 2193, Jackson 5/13 lot 1525, Newcomer, Col Green

2) Gschwend (Elder 6/08 lot B), Brand #44160

later listings include Olsen 11/44 lot 1 and/or Farouk-Sotheby’s 2/54 lot 1714, H. Schulman.

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Note: Electrotype copies of this pattern exists. For an example see RARCOA's N.M. Kaufman sale. Some of these electrotypes have been silverplated. These should show a seam around the edge and will not show the die cracks in the lettering as the host coins for making the shells appears to be a regular silver example which were, of course, were struck from a different reverse die.

These were also struck in silver J60/P65 with both plain and reeded edges, the latter J61/P66 being exceedingly rare and possibly unique.

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Photo courtesy of Saul Teichman.