Click to enlargeJ632/P702

This 1868 pattern uses Longacre's Liberty head obverse without star on coronet combined with a reverse with a big 6 pointed star above the wreath that was previously used on J565/P626. The first occurrence for this pattern was as lot 241 in Haseltine's 4/1870 of some William Idler patterns.

Today, at least a half dozen are known in copper including 2 ex Lohr, the Judd-Bass and Gschwend-Eliasberg examples. The cleaned Farouk-Wilcox coin may be a 5th if it is not one of the Lohr coins. One of these is ex Brenner-1914 ANS as AW630a, Brand.

A single example in aluminum J632A/P703 from the Farouk collection, part of lot 1816 as AW678A, is actually referring to the piece described as "one of regular issue" ie J636/P708 and should be delisted.

Note: It is likely that the copper pattern listed as AW619 is a misdescription of this design.

Photo courtesy of Superior.