Click to enlargeJ633/P704/P705

This is the same design as on J631/P701 except that a star was added to Liberty's coronet.

These were issued in two different sets with the cent J608-J609/P673-P674 and 3 cent J618-J620/P687-P689 and also with the cent of J605-J607/P670-P672 and 3 cent J615-J617/P680-P683. To view the set, click here.

Two die varieties are known and are illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

Low date in nickel J633/P704 and appears to be three times rarer than the next.

High date in nickel J633/P705 as illustrated.

High date in copper J634/P706 with less than a dozen known.

The low date obverse in copper is unconfirmed.

An incomplete reverse die trial JA1868-2/P3344 is also known.