Click to enlargeJ637/P709

Although these are described as regular die trial pieces in the standard references, it is more likely that the off-metal 'trials' of this year were deliberately struck for sale to collectors.

The copper and nickel examples listed below were struck with plain edges and could also be some sort of mint error.

These off-metal coins were struck from two different obverse dies which can be identified by the location of the date relative to the base on which Liberty is seated. This probably means that they were struck at different times during the year.

Date low in copper with plain edge J637/P709 with fewer than 3 confirmed. This is the illustrated example.

Date high in nickel with plain edge J638/P710 on both thick 25 grain and thin 18 grain planchets with over a dozen known.

Date high in aluiminum with reeded edge J639/P711. About a half dozen are known. These were deliberately struck to show how easily aluminum coined and for sale to collectors in cased sets several of which are still in existence including the former Garrett set and one in the Eric P. Newman collection. Virgil Brand owned the Woodside and Stickney sets. To view the set, click here.