Click to enlargeJ63/P63

This combines the Gobrecht obverse from 1836 with "C. GOBRECHT F." in the exerge below the base with the starless reverse of 1838.

It is a fantasy restrike deliberately made for sale to collectors in the late 1860s to mid 1870s and were struck in die alignment III. These all show a die crack through 'ITED' in 'UNITED' and at 'MERI' of 'AMERICA' as shown below.

and a raised die spur on the 'D' in 'United'.

At least one of these, the Simpson example, shows a depression in the field below and to the right of the "F" in "OF" that is visible on the copper pieces for all 3 years.

Only three examples are known as follows:

1) Anthon, Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76, Bowers and Merena 5/94, Stacks 5/2003, Superior 9/08 as PCGS63.

2) Granberg, Newcomer, Col Green, (St. Louis Stamp & Coin-Eric Newman & B.G. Johnson), Boyd (B.G. Johnson 4/29/43 invoice), Farouk lot 1717, Baldwin & Co., R. Green 7/54, Ostheimer, Merkin 9/68, Heritage 8/2000, Dr. Korein, ANS - PCGS62 and is the illustrated example.

3) W.W.C. Wilson, Brand #90914, Farouk lot 2020, Baldwin & Co., Baldenhofer, Stirling-Heritage 5/09, Simpson collection - NGC62.

It is possible that the pedigrees on the last 2 prior to Farouk are reversed. Breen lists #3 as ex-Lohr but one did not appear in the Stacks 1956 Lohr sale nor in the 1960 Fixed Price List of his patterns. If the Breen listing is not an error, then there may be a 4th.

Three examples in copper of J64/P64 are also known. For additional information click here.

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Photos courtesy of Heritage.