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The 1836 Gobrecht dollar with C. GOBRECHT F. incuse on base combined with the starless reverse of 1838.

It is a fantasy restrike deliberately made for sale to collectors in the late 1860s to mid 1870s and were struck in die alignment III.

On the obverse, there is die rust to the left of Liberty's face

and this has the most extensive die cracks of all of the mules running through 'UNITED' and through 'MERIC' of 'AMERICA' as shown below.

and a raised die spur on the 'D' in 'United'.

At least 1 of these, the Jay-Hawn example, shows a depression in the field below and to the right of the "F" in "OF" that is visible on the copper pieces for all 3 years.

There are at least 4 known as follows: To see images of all known examples, click here.

1) Jenks (Woodward, 6/1883), Garrett-JHU, B/R 3/80, B/M 8/87, B/M 5/94, Stacks 5/03, Dr. Korein, ANS - PCGS64, illustrated above.

2) Ira & Larry Goldberg 6/04, Southern collection, Simpson collection - PCGS65, supposedly off the market since the 1920s

3) 52 ANA, Heritage 8/2010, Simpson collection - NGC62

4) Mougey (Elder 1910), unknown intermediates, Jay-Stacks 10/67, Hawn-Stacks 10/93, StacksBowers 3/17, Legend, LegendAuctions 1/18, LegendAuctions 9/18 - PCGS64

Old listings include:

1) Granberg-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Col Green (St. Louis Stamp & Coin-Eric Newman & B.G. Johnson)

2) Col Green (St. Louis Stamp & Coin-Eric Newman & B.G. Johnson) duplicate

one of these to FCC Boyd via B.G. Johnson 4/29/43 invoice.

3) W.W.C. Wilson-Brand in 1919 (journal id #90912)

Additional listings include Olsen (Mehl 11/44), Farouk.

If the Goldberg sale coin was truly off the market since the 1920s and the Wilson-Brand coin is not one of the Col Green coins, then there should be a 5th example out there somewhere.

The existence of the copper example J66/P69 is unconfirmed.

For the latest information on this from Craig Sholley, John Dannreuther and Saul Teichman, click
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Photo courtesy of Stacks.