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The Farouk coin - one of 4 known. The others are the two ex Wilkison examples, one of which was in the Dr. Judd collection, and the fourth is the Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library specimen.

One of these is ex Woodside, Chapman's M.A. Brown sale, Virgil Brand (journal id #17022), Horace Brand and another is ex Colonel Green and appears as part of the Stacks photographic library of his collection. One of these was offered in the April 1949 and July-Aug 1951 editions of Numismatic Gallery Monthly.

Examples were also struck in copper J662/P735 with about a dozen known several of which have been gilted.

Aluminum J663/P736 also with about a dozen known.

Examples struck in copper from a second obverse die with a high date are also known as J662/P737 with the following 2 known.

1) Paramount, M. Rush

2) Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 1/23 FUN - PCGS63, gilt

Although listed second in Pollock, this die is probably the first one created by Longacre.

To see both obverse dies side by side, click here.

This obverse design was repeated in 1869 with the regular obverse as J779-J780/P864-P865.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.