Click to enlargeJ666/P741-P743

These were issued in sets along with the three cent and 5 cent piece. To view the set, click here.

These were struck from at least three obverse and two reverse dies as follows:

1) Obverse 1 with Reverse A - Date right with 9 in date centered under curl, L in Liberty between 2nd and 3rd pearl and reverse die with broad ribbon ends.

Nickel J666/P741. This is fairly common.

Copper J667/P741A. This is not in Pollock but it does exist as the illustration above shows.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.

2) Obverse 2 with Reverse A - Date low with 9 partially under curl and the L in Liberty starts between pearls 2 and 3 combined with same reverse as above

Nickel J666/P742.

Later examples are known struck after the obverse die shattered.

3) Obverse 3 with Reverse B - Date centered and high and the L in Liberty under 2nd pearl. New reverse die with thin ribbon ends.

Nickel J666/P743. This is also fairly common.

Copper J667/P744. About half a dozen are known.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.

Other combinations of these dies exist as in the picture below.

On this one, obverse 3 or a 4th obverse was combined with reverse A. This combination is not in Pollock. A second example was offered in Heritage 6/17 sale.

An incomplete reverse die trial, P3341 is also known.