Click to enlargeJ675/P752

This is a fantasy piece made by using the regular 1869 two cent obverse die combined with the Standard silver quarter obverse used on J721-J726/P802-P807.

It was struck on a combined silver and copper planchet said to be native Michigan ore in Judd. The silver appears as streaks in the primarily copper planchet. These planchets were used almost entirely on 2 cent patterns which is probably why it is listed as a 2 cent piece as opposed to a quarter.

There is only one known ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand (journal #92500:819), Boyd (per B.G. Johnson 7/16/41 invoice), Lohr, Paramount's 4/65 Century sale, Hughes 10/80, J.E. Drew, Simpson collection and is illustrated above.