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This is a fantasy muling or mint error combining the obverses of the regular circulation one cent and five cent dies struck on a nickel planchet.

Pollock lists this under cents whereas Judd lists it under 5 cents. We consider it a 5 cent piece since it was struck on a nickel 5 cent planchet.

The coin is unique and is ex A.S. Jenks (Cogan 4/1877), Parmelee (NY Coin & Stamp 6/1890), Brenner-1914 ANS, V. Brand (journal #92500:827), A. Brand, Olsen (Mehl 11/1944), Farouk (2/1954), Sloss, Heritage 3/2007 at $69,000, Stacks 7/2008.

It is also illustrated on the cover of the April 1975 edition of MECCA (Midwest Error Coin Collectors Association) magazine.

It was the only double denominational muling, from different sized dies, until pieces like those illustrated below - the 1999 Lincoln cent/Roosevelt dime and 2000 Sacagawea dollar/Washington quarter mules - appeared in the marketplace.

Photo courtesy of Heritage and is the actual piece.