Click to enlargeJ746/P828

The Standard Silver design. These were sold in sets with the other designs and denominations for $15. To view the set, click here.

2 die varieties are known for this design as follows:

Barber's initial "B" in the folds of the ribbon above the "L" in "Liberty" as shown in the enlargement below.

This die also shows doubling on the motto "In God We Trust". These were struck with about 20 degrees rotation from normal coin turn.

Silver with reeded edge J742/P823 This is fairly common.

Silver with plain edge J743/P824 Less than a dozen are known.

Copper with reeded edge J744/P825 Less than a dozen are known.

Copper with plain edge J745/P826 Less than a dozen are known.

Brass with reeded edge J745A/P827 This was not in the original Judd book. An example was offered in Christie's 9/88 sale and then 'rediscovered' by PCGS and illustrated in the May 11, 1992 issue of Coin World.

Your editor also has an image of a damaged/scratched example that has also been described as brass. It is not known if this is truly a second example or an off-color J744.

Aluminum with reeded edge J746/P828 Less than a half dozen are known.

Aluminum with plain edge J747/P829 Less than a half dozen are known.

No initial "B" in the folds.

It so far only exists in silver with a reeded edge J742A & J747A/P830 About 3 or 4 are known including the Morris Evans-B/M 8/98, Heritage 1/07 (PCGS64) and Heritage 6/17 (PCGS60) sales.

A reverse hub trial of this design, in white metal, JA1869-11/P3383 is in the Smithsonian.