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All of the patterns of this design struck from this obverse die with Liberty incused - Judd's so-called straight date - are restrikes made in the 1870s. Although not clear in the photo, the reverse die shows rust in many areas.

They were made in the following combinations:

Silver with reeded edge J76A/P82 with only the Garrett, Bass, Superior 4/03, Southern collection, Simpson collection (NGC64) and Witham, Auction 81, Queller, Heritage 1/09 (NGC66) coins confirmed.

Silver with plain edge J76/P83 with only 2 slightly impaired examples comfirmed, one ex Southern collection, Simpson collection and the other ex Heritage 3/11, Stacks-Bowers 11/11, Heritage 1/12.

Copper with reeded edge J78/P84 with only 4 known as follows:

1) Reed-Durham Museum

2) Mitchelson-Connecticut State Library

3) Numismatics LTD, Bass-B/M 5/99, Queller-Heritage 1/09, B/M 11/10 - PCGS65BN

4) Witham-Auction 81, Heritage 6/89, Auction 90, Tangible Assets, Teletrade, Marin, B/M 8/98, Higman-Alterman (Larry Hanks/Mal Varner offering), B/M 10/00, Superior 4/03 - NGC66RB

Earlier pedigrees for the last 2 are Virgil Brand (journal # 16533) and Newcomer but, at this time, it is unclear whose name belongs with which piece.

Copper with plain edge J77/P85 with only 4 known as follows:

1) Numismatics LTD, Bass-HWBRF, Heritage 8/14, LegendAuctions 7/18 - NGC65BN

2) Witham-Auction 81, Queller-Heritage 1/09, Heritage 3/10, Heritage 2/12, StacksBowers 2012 ANA - NGC66RB

3) Farouk, Cox, Turoff-B/M 3/94 cleaned, Superior 1/96, Heritage 5/00, Rau-Heritage 4/18 - PCGS63RB 150.8 grains

4) B/M 9/95, Heritage 5/97 FPL, B/M 3/00, Superior 10/00 - NGC67RB, 170.8 grains

Brand owned 3 of these (journal #s 14964, 14965 & 42164) and the 4th was lot 956 in Elder's 22nd sale of 12/16/1908 which probably also represents the Norweb, New Netherlands 41st 9/53 sale coin.

Originals of this design, J76B/P89A, were struck only in silver using an obverse die with Liberty raised on the shield.

To see both obverse dies side by side, click here.

Photo courtesy of Superior.