Click to enlargeJ79/P89

Gobrecht's flying eagle half dollar struck from the obverse with the Liberty raised on the shield ribbon. This is Judd's so-called 'curved date' variety. The reverse die is also in its earliest known state with die cracks only through "F Dollar * America".

The following examples are all believed to be different:

1) Byron Reed-Durham Museum - ICG63

2) Anderson-Dupont Stacks 11/54, Witham-Auction 81, Bass-HWBRF, Heritage 8/14, Simpson collection - NGC63, illustrated above

3) Peale estate-Stacks 3/86

4) Stacks 4/64

5) Hughes 7/80

6) StacksBowers 11/14 - PCGS64

This pattern also exists with Liberty incused on the shield ribbon, Judd's so-called 'straight date' as J79A/P86.

Judd and Pollock lists originals and restrikes existing but this is an error caused by a misunderstanding of the dies involved. Both designs with the flying eagle reverse J79/P89 and J79A/P86 are originals! With regard to the raised Liberty obverse as used here, no light weight (192 grain) restrikes have ever been reported for any pattern design using this obverse die.

To see both obverse dies side by side, click here.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.