Click to enlargeJ888/P987

The standard silver design. These were sold in sets with the other designs and denominations for $15. To view a complete set, click here.

These were struck in the following combinations:

Silver with reeded edge J888/P987 This is fairly common and is known on both thin 77 grain and thick 84 grain planchets.

Silver/copper with reeded edge J888A/P987A which is unique and is ex Johnson (Nov 1898), Hall, Brand (journal #49986:112) and was offered to F.C.C. Boyd by B.G. Johnson in a July 16, 1941 invoice as imaged below.

Images are from Dr Hall's collection notebook and B.G. Johnson invoices taken from the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Silver with plain edge J889/P988 About a dozen are known.

Copper with reeded edge J890/P989 About a dozen are known.

Copper with plain edge J891/P990 About half a dozen are known.

Aluminum with reeded edge J892/P992 Less than a half dozen are known.

Aluminum with plain edge J893/P993 Less than a half dozen are known.

Nickel with reeded edge J893A/P991 Discovered by PCGS and was first shown in the March 22, 1993 edition of Coin World and was in the Simpson collection and sold in LegendAuctions 1/17 sale. It weighs almost 77 grains and is illustrated below courtesy of PCGS.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.