J927A/P1046 and J929A/P1048 Are These Error Listings?
by Saul Teichman
February 2, 2000

An example of J928, Barber's seated liberty half dollar in silver with plain edge, has been discovered with Liberty raised on the scroll. It is in the Harry W. Bass Jr Research Foundation.

Another example with raised Liberty struck in copper with plain edge, J930, has also been confirmed. It is inventory number C11765 of the Connecticut State Library collection.

The Pollock and Judd book list only reeded edge examples J927A/P1046 and J929A/P1048. I have given the new patterns numbers J928A/P1047 and J930A/P1049 for now.

It is unclear why or if two half dollar obverses were in fact created. All other denominations of Barber's design use obverse dies which have Liberty raised on the scroll.

All examples I have seen of J927-J930 and also J933-J938 have been the raised Liberty design.

Does anyone own an example of any of these with incuse Liberty ?

If not, then this is an error in Judd which was regrettably repeated by Pollock. This error should be corrected in future editions of Pollock.