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The following is an incomplete die trial, struck in lead, of the reverse used on the 1823/2 quarter. According to Karl Moulton, the 1823/2 reverse die was the only one that was produced with the lower arrow tip missing. The upper arrow shaft is also incomplete on this die, so it confirms the date.

It is believed to be the die trial listed as lot 119 in the February 1888 Linderman sale where it was described as "Trial piece from reverse hub die of Quarter Dollar about 1828. Lead; very good, unique."

From its appearance, it was struck many years later probably by Montroville Dickeson as this reverse appears to have been combined with the infamous eagle on full shield as shown on JC1823-1.

It was likely earlier offered as lot 916 in E. Mason's November 1878 Mickley sale where described as "1 Hub; rev., United States Twenty-five Cent Piece, about 1820" or struck from the die if this description is for a die instead of a trial piece.

This piece was offered in ANR's August 2004 sale.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.