Click to enlargeJA1840-7

The following hub trial of the seated liberty with drapery design, struck in white metal without date, is a recent discovery and was offered along with J110/P123 in Heritage's 2007 ANA, Stacks-Bowers 2011 ANA, Heritage 4/12 and Heritage 4/21 - NGC64.

It is believed to be a genuine trial created by Robert Ball Hughes circa 1840. Additional comments are from researcher John Dannreuther. "It is not made from Judd-110, but the same model was used with the flat fields before the reduction, which had concave fields. the companion piece has a DIFFERENT starting spot for the concave fields. On Judd-110, the concave fields start with the circle that goes around Liberty, while the companion piece has the concave fields starting further in (to accommodate the stars, of course, as Judd-110 had sloping fields where the stars would have been punched!).

Roger Burdette notes the possibility that this piece is part of the circa 1857-8 Barclay experiments.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.