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The infamous 1794 Washington dollar. These were deliberately made to deceive collectors according to the description by W. Elliott Woodward in the 1864 McCoy sale sometime in the late 1850s or very early in the 1960s. It is thus surprising that Judd/Breen included this in appendix C of the Judd book. Today, these items are more properly collected under Washingtoniana.

Only 2 examples are known as follows.

Silver JC1794-1 / Baker 28 which is unique and is ex Cogan (circa 1860-1 per the Lightbody sale below), Woodward 3/1865, lot 3573, Lightbody-Cogan 12/1866 lot 723), Appleton-MHS.

This coin is triplestruck with a 10 degree rotation between the 3 strikes on the obverse.

Copper JC1794-2 / Baker 28A which is also believed to be unique and is ex Cogan (circa 1860-1 per the Lightbody sale below), McCoy (Woodward 5/1864 lot 2461), Woodward 12/1865 lot 2279, Lightbody-Cogan 12/1866 lot 724 to Hinman, Chubbuck (Haseltine 2/1873 lot 2311), Brevoort (see StacksBowers 10/22 Syd Martin sale lot 2168), Parmelee (6/1890), H. Chapman, W. Hesslein to Dr Hall (Feb 1905 per Dr Hall's notebook), Brand (journal #49986:2294), Armin Brand, consigned to BG Johnson circa 10/1936 who in turn consigned to Mehl, Norweb on 1/11/1937, Stacks 11/2006.

In the Brand inventory of the Dr Hall collection, this piece is described as "2294 1794 (Date Fraudulent) Concoction Called Pattern Dollar, Made after 1794, B-28 copper".

Both examples show a die break from Washington's eye to the rim near the second N.

Photo is a scan of the 2006 Norweb sale catalog.