Judd 9th Edition Errata
by Saul Teichman

The following is a listing of corrections/additions found so far in the 9th edition of Judd. Those found thus far are, for the most part, minor in nature. Any corrections discovered by the collecting community should be sent to Saul Teichman at Saul.Teichman@ey.com

1) Judd 83a - the times at auction should be 1.

2) Judd 227 - the edge should be plain.

3) 1860 description refers to pattern eagles in the history and overview section. This may need to be cleaned up.

4) Judd 351 - pedigree should be Bowers and Ruddy 3/1980.

5) Judd 440-1 - note in the description that a silver plated copper example, formerly listed as J441a exists.

6) Judd 516 - rarity should be 8.

7) Judd 1707 - should be noted as 75% nickel, 25% copper and magnetic; not pure nickel.

8) Judd 1771 - footnote says Judd 171 in error.

9) Judd 1914 - note that this is really a mint error and not a pattern.

10) Judd 1915 - rarity should be 8.

11) 1965 under Collecting Perspectvive - it should say that 6 sets, housed 3 sets each in 2 blue lucite blocks were given to the Smithsonian.

12) Judd 2185 - footnote says magnesium instead of manganese in the footnote.

13) Add Judd 2186 - this piece is struck on the manganese brass Sacagawea dollar planchets and has the same intermittent reeded edge as Judd 2184. Rarity should be 8.

14) Appendix A: image missing for J-A1857-7.

15) Appendix A: need to note that J-A1865-1 and J-A1865-2 which were listed in Judd 8 were moved to 1866; J-A1866-8 and J-A1866-9 respectively.

16) Appendix A: pedigrees for J-A1867-8 and J-A1867-9 are reversed.

17) Appendix A: image missing for J-A1869-7.

18) Appendix A: J-A1915-3 auction date should be 3/1964.

19) Appendix C: image for J-C1915-2 is incorrect. Image of J-C1915-1 was duplicated in error.