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Cents on Quarter Eagle Planchets

The Indian cent struck on a quarter eagle planchet. The year 1900 was listed by Pollock as P1990 because of the possibility that they were deliberately struck for collectors. The only problem with this is that 1900 is not the only date known.

The following dates are known:

1900 with at least 3 known.

1) Harmer Rooke 11/69 lot 3206 ?, HIM 11/82 ?, Heritage 93 ANA - AU, 67.12 grains

2) Col Green, Kreisberg 1/75, Superior Auction 89, B/M 8/91, Byers-Heritage 4/15 - PCGS65, illustrated below, 65.8 grains

3) reported by Mike Hodder

The earliest known purchase for one of these was the 1900 in the Dewitt Smith collection that was purchased by Virgil Brand in 1908 and entered into the Brand journals as item #46973. The Brand coin was consigned to B.G.Johnson by Armin Brand on 10/8/35 & 1/19/42 where called graded VF. It was called UNC when sent to Stacks on 3/24/42 for $210.

1905 with only one known ex Heritage 1/10 FUN, Byers-Heritage 8/14 (not sold), Heritage 12/14 (not sold), Heritage 1/15 (not sold), Heritage 4/15 (not sold), Heritage 9/15 - PCGS64 64.5 grains

1906 with only one known ex Stacks 6/04, Stacks 9/09, Nick Brown - NGCAU58, 64.4 grains

There is also an example overstruck on a 4.1 gram (63.3 grains) Mexico 5 peso planchet - NGCVF25 3192081-003 identifiable by the remaining edge inscription INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD

1907 with the only one known ex Kosoff, Mertes purchased at the 1952 ANA according to Dave Bowers' book "A Buyer's and Enthusiast's Guide to Flying Eagle and Indian Cents.

Photo of the 1906 is courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities and Stacks and the 1900 is courtesy of Mike Byers.


Taxay also list the following Lincoln cents in his 1976 Comprehensive Catalog:

1911 which is untraced today.

1915 ex Col Green, B.G. Johnson 1/3/1944 invoice to James Kelly, JV McDermott. This piece is listed in Pollock as P2027.

1927 which is untraced today.