Click to enlargeJA1836-2/P3021

This is a previously unknown complete die trial including date, struck in white metal, for a seated liberty obverse by Christian Gobrecht.

It is believed to represent one of the earliest designs and is similar to the sketches shown in the article "From the Drawingboard of a Coin Engraver" by Elvira Clain-Stefanelli on pages 86 and 87 of the ANA Centennial Anthology especially #13 which is shown below.

To compare this trial piece side by side with Gobrecht's drawing above, click here.

It is believed unique and was part of the materials purchased by the Library Company of Philadelphia from Maxwell Whiteman. It is listed as inventory #22.

It is different from JA1836-3/P3022 in a number of ways including having the index finger pointing upward, no drapery on Liberty's left upper arm and heavier drapery across the legs. The ribbon inscribed Liberty is also folded differently across the rock. To compare both side by side, click here.

Photo courtesy of the Library Company of Philadelphia.