Click to enlargeJA1836-5/P3028

This is an obverse die trial, in white metal and/or pewter, of Gobrecht's dollar with name on base J60/P65.

According to the 76 ANA sale catalog, which offered the example illustrated above, "it was struck from the fifth obverse (second working die) in December 1836 and is believed to be ex Colburn (W.E. Woodward Oct 1863 lot 2759)." Editors note - it was really lot 2789.

Prior to the Woodward sale, this piece was probably lot 359 in Edward Cogan's 3/1862 sale where it was described as follows: "1836 Gobreckt's Trial Piece for 1836, Silver Dollar - in lead, No. rev. Supposed unique."

In more recent times, the piece is ex Share, Dr. Korein, ANS.

A second example, illustrated below, is in the Library Company of Philadelphia and was part of the materials purchased from Maxwell Whiteman. It is inventory #21.

Originally, from the image, it was believed to have drapery over the shield and was thus listed as JA1836-6 in the recent editions of Judd. The piece, however, was examined by John Dannreuther who found that this was just graffiti scratched on the splasher. This should be corrected for the 11th edition of Judd.

The two trials listed below are described in Pollock as similar to the JA1836-5/P3028 with the date (1836) added. Their existence is questionable per the descriptions below.

An example, struck in copper, is listed as JA1836-7/P3031 but is unconfirmed. Taxay uses the same 1863 Colburn sale listing as in the above description used on the JA1836-5/P3028. The Colburn sale does not state what metal lot 2789 was actually struck in.

The listing in white metal for JA1836-7/P3034 is an error and probably doesn't exist.

Photos courtesy of Heritage, the late Dr. Korein and the Library Company of Philadelphia.