Click to enlargeP3066

This is a die trial, in copper, from what appear to be incomplete obverse and reverse dies.

The following description is from David Lange of NGC who examined one of these.

"It is not of the No Drapery type, as indicated. The drapery is simply polished off of the dies, along with a number of other low-relief details. The die cavities are noticeably rusted, and both dies are shallow overall. I suspect that this piece was coined from discarded mint dies that were heavily polished to eliminate rust pits from the fields. The borders are shallow enough to suggest that the date, stars and legends may have been polished away, assuming that they were present on these dies when found."

We are calling this piece P3066 pending further information. 2 examples are known. The one illustrated above, struck with a plain edge, is a recent discovery and is courtesy of Vince D'Alessio. Click on the thumbnail image for an enlargement.

The other illustrated below was sold as lot 460 in Stacks 6/88 sale.

Photo courtesy of Stacks.

Separate obverse and reverse trials in copper and aluminum were offered as part of lot 2368 in Ira & Larry Goldberg's Coins & Collectibles 6/04 auction. We show the aluminum obverse below.

Note: The genuineness of these pieces has been questioned so they were not assigned numbers in the new Judd book pending further analysis.