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Although listed as an obverse die trial in silver for the 1859 Indian head cent struck over a struck 1857 half dime planchet, it is more likely a mint error in which this struck half dime ended up on top of a blank cent planchet resulting in the striking seen above. The half dimes date can be seen in the field to the left of the Indian's face under the "STA" in "States".

A similar piece is AW249 which was struck over a blank half dime planchet. This overstrike is unique and is ex B. Haines 1/1863 lot 870, Seavey (1873 Descriptive Catalog #951), Parmelee (1890), Ruby-Superior 2/74, Bowers and Merena 4/86, Stacks 11/08.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.