Click to enlargeP3191

This is a reverse die trial for the regular indian head cent struck from 1860-1909.

It is known in the following combinations.

Copper-nickel P3191. Pollock lists the former Bowers and Merena 9/89 sale piece which is illustrated above. It is described as having a beveled appearance. This piece appears more likely to be a mint error where 2 planchets were fed into the press at the same time as opposed to being a true die trial. The piece shows a cracked planchet on the edge at 6:00 and a die crack at 4:00. An example, possibly this piece was lot 1053 of New York Coin & Stamp's 1890 R. Coulton Davis sale.

Nickel P3194. This is unconfirmed and may be the same as the Copper-nickel P3191 listed above.

Silver P3197. A heavy one, 102 grains, was sold in the 1976 ANA. A second example in the 1993 ANA, struck on a dime planchet, is now known to be a counterfeit per the March 2002 edition of Longacre's Ledger.

Aluminum P3200. This was listed in Judd but is unconfirmed.

Note: Due to the discovery of the 1993 ANA piece P3197 being a counterfeit, the genuineness of all of these should be questioned. Because of this, they were not assigned numbers in the new Judd book.

Photo courtesy of Larry Rice.