Click to enlargeJA1859-10/P3232

This is a complete obverse die trial for the type 1 double eagle. Judd dates this to 1850 which would make it the same obverse as on J126/P148 whereas Pollock dates it to 1859 as used on J258/P308 and others.

Only 3 are known, including the 2 illustrated in color above that are part of the materials purchased by the Library Company of Philadelphia from Maxwell Whiteman. They are listed as inventory numbers 37 and 38 respectively.

They appear to be struck from different dies. Star 1 appears to be further from the dentilation on the first one (#37). Remember to click on the thumbnail image for an enlargement of these 2 pieces.

Photos courtesy of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

The third shown below is ex Empire Coin MBS #1, Stacks 9/88, Auction 89, Bowers & Merena 9/97, Goldberg 5/08, Bowers & Merena 2009 ANA, StacksBowers 8/14 ANA, Heritage 1/16 FUN, Heritage 8/19 ANA - PCGS64 and appears to have its periphery crushing inward showing just how fragile these pieces can be. It is from the same die as the second Library Company of Philadelphia example (#38).

It was clearly struck from the 1850 hub with the I in Liberty struck over a second L as shown below.

Photo courtesy of StacksBowers.