Click to enlargeJA1866-6/P3279

This piece is misclassified in Pollock as P3266. It is NOT from the obverse of J416/P488 but is instead from the obverse die used for J489/P577. P3266 probably doesn't exist.

This piece was struck, in white metal, from a more complete obverse die than P3278 with only the date missing. Because of this, we have assigned it as number P3279.

It is believed unique and was part of the materials purchased by the Library Company of Philadelphia from Maxwell Whiteman. It is listed as inventory #3.

Photo courtesy of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

The obverse die contains a die cutting error. The motto was started too far to the right in a location similar to the regular 1866 shield nickel obverse die and then corrected. The second leaf points to the remnants of the letter "T" as shown in the image below.

The splasher does show the die cutting error although the image here is poor.