Click to enlargeJA1920-1/P3553

This recent discovery is a reverse die trial, in lead, for the 1920 Pilgrim Tercentenary. Unlike the P7050 whose genuineness has been questioned, the 2 illustrated examples were discovered in the estates of Cyrus E. Dallin, who designed this coin, and George Morgan.

The one illustrated at the top is ex Cyrus Dallin estate and sold in StacksBowers 11/11 sale.

Photo courtesy of Stacks-Bowers.

The one below is ex Morgan estate, Craig A. Whitford Numismatic Auctions 5/02 sale, StacksBowers 8/12 ANA, StacksBowers 2/14, Heritage 8/14, Heritage 1/16 FUN, 8/28/2022 - PCGS62 and is struck over a 1923 Peru 5 Decimos Die Trial so it is some kind of restike possibly made by Morgan years later.

We have assigned it as P3553.

Photo courtesy of Craig A. Whitford Numismatic Auctions.