Click to enlargeJA1935-2/P3620

This is an obverse hub trial for the 1935 Hudson, New York Sesquicentennial type. They are described as being struck in copper but at least 2 of the illustrated pieces below appear to be copper-plated over a silvery base metal.

There are apparently 4 known, 3 of which were offered in Stacks 4/62 Cox sale.

The photo above is a scan from the Judd book and does not match any of the ones below as it is on a broad planchet but shows full lettering at the bottom. The photo below is from Coin Galleries 4/2004 sale and is courtesy of Coin Galleries & Stacks.

The photos below are ex Swiatek-Heritage 1/15 FUN and reoffered in Heritage 10/15 sale.

This last one may be copper as opposed to copper-plated, and, if so, should probably have its own number.

Either this or the Judd plate coin was lot 2047 in Kosoff's 1958 ANA sale.