Click to enlargeJ332/P401A

This pattern, struck in aluminum, was supposed to be J332/P404 but was misdescribed by Judd as having the dateless seated liberty obverse of J331-J331B/P402-P403. This has now been corrected in the new edition. It is listed in Adams & Woodin as AW668.

This coin is believed to be unique and has the following pedigree per David Cassel - Linderman lot 94, Woodin-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer?, Dunham lot 1736, Olsen lot 293, Farouk lot 1815, Kaplan 1955 and 1959 fixed price lists, 97 ANA lot 7264, Superior 9/98 lot 1865 as NGC62. It is corroded.

For additional information, we recommend David Cassel's book on Postage Currency Patterns. For more on this, click here.

Photos is now of the actual coin and is courtesy of David Cassel.