Click to enlargeP5020

This was designed by Peter Getz who was commissioned by Robert Morris. The piece is also listed as Baker 25 by collectors of Washingtoniana.

These dies are considered multi-denominational with copper examples being one cent pieces and silver examples half dollars.

They were struck on follows:

Plain edge - Breen 1352 and 1355 P5020 with over two dozen or so believed to exist. Some are overstruck on other coins and others were made after 1792.

Plain edge broad planchet - Breen 1353 P5025 with fewer than a half dozen known.

Ornamented edge with circles and rectangles - Breen 1354 P5030 with only about a dozen or so believed to exist.

This kind of item is generally not collected as a pattern but is instead collected by colonial and Washingtoniana specialists. Additional information can be found in Stacks 5/2004 John Ford sale.

Photo is from The History of United States Coinage by Dave Bowers.