Click to enlargeJC1818-1/P5065

This is believed to have been designed by Jacob Perkins who is best known for creating the Washington funeral medals Baker 165-169. It is not a U.S. Mint product.

About a half dozen are known. Most are actually electrotypes including the Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library; Earle, Wilharm, Shinkle, Whitford 11/2002 which is illustrated above, and the silverplated Adams & Woodin plate coin.

The Parmelee, Jenks, Newcomer piece was supposedly die struck and may be the original 1862 Finotti piece. A die struck thick planchet example was offered in Stacks-Bowers 6/11 sale. It is unclear how many die struck pieces actually exist.

Perkins is also credited with the creation of 2 dollar trials, one dated 1818 P5067 and the other dated 1819 P5070.

Photo courtesy of Craig A. Whitford Numismatic Auctions.