Click to enlargeJC1849-1/P5075

The 1849 eagle designed by Charles Bouvet.

Only 3 or 4 are known including the following.

1) Guttag 10/27, Col Green, Farouk, Baldenhofer, Bolt as XF, ANR 6/06, Stacks 7/08, Heritage 8/10, Heritage 8/11 - NGC61BN thick planchet and some scratches.

2) Col Green, Farouk, Empire Coin 11/58 MBS#1, Stacks 9/88, Novoselsky, Kagins, Teletrade 10/21/02, Heritage 4/18 - NGC63BN, thin planchet, illustrated above.

3) plate coin - PCGS64BN.

Pollock mentions that restrikes may have been struck in the 1880s. According to the ANR 6/06 sale, an example in gold and/or gold plated may also exist.