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These two-headed Morgan dollars were made by the John Pinches Company in 1900 to show how dies could be reversed engineered from coins according to an article in the 11/18/87 edition of Coin World.

These were struck in the following combinations with pedigree updates from SpinkSmythe's 5/11 Magnolia sale:

Silver P5125 ex Pinches (Glendining 7/47, Glendining 11/87, Eric Green, Private sale at the 1988 New York International Numismatic Convention, ANR 7/05 in cased set with 2 dies and one of the copper nickel pieces as imaged below.

Copper-nickel P5130 with 2 known as follows

1) ex Pinches-Glendining 7/47, Bowers and Ruddy 11/74, Bowers and Merena 1/84.

2) ex Pinches-Glendining 7/47, Private sale in London in 1972, ANR 7/05 in set with the silver piece.

Copper P5135 with 2 known as follows:

1) ex Pinches-Glendining 7/47, Bowers and Ruddy 2/74, Magnolia-SpinkSmythe 5/11

2) ex Pinches-Glendining 7/47, Bowers and Merena 11/74, Bowers and Ruddy 6/80, Auction 88.

Photo courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities.