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One of 7 Gould Incorporated designs made circa 1978 as a replacement for the large Eisenhower dollar.

For additional information on modern dollar patterns, see Mike Wallace's article on modern dollar patterns by clicking here.

According to Roger Burdette in his book "Private Pattern and Related Pieces International Nickel & Gould Incorporated", these were struck on planchets that started with grooved edges and when struck were placed in a plain edge collar. Some coins still show the grooves but the intent was for these to have plain edges.

This design is not in Pollock. It is struck from the same obverse as on P5425 combined with a unique reverse whose most obvious feature is that the eagle has 7 tailfeathers with a long middle feather.

Examples are known as follows:

Nickel P5429 / RB1200. An example was in Heritage 9/2005 sale and is illustrated above.

Note: An example described as Titanium was offered Titanium was offered as lot 2065 in Bowers and Merena's 3/97 sale. Based on weight, it was probably nickel.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.