Click to enlargeJC1805-1/P6105

This is a muling combining the regular 1805 quarter obverse (Browning 2 dies), heavily rusted, with the infamous 1792 eagle on a half shield design used on JC1792-1-JC1792-2/P6001-P6005.

It was struck by Montroville Dickeson probably in the early 1860s, the obverse die being sold by the mint as scrap.

If unique, it is ex Metzger (H Chapman 2/1909), Brand (journal #47953), Norweb, New Netherlands 9/53, Kagin 9/65, Bowers and Merena 1/94, Bowers and Merena 5/95, Heritage 9/97, Bowers and Merena 12/03, Rau-Heritage 4/18 - ANACSMS60BN.

The obverse die survives in the ANS. To view click here.

Note: There is also the possibility of an example having this obverse combined with the Dickeson reverse with a full shield as one is described as such in Haseltine 4/1882 lot 49.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.