Click to enlargeJC1805-3/P6130

This strange concoction was made by Montroville Dickeson combining the rusted half eagle obverse used by him or Joseph Mickley to strike J38-J40/P6110-P6120 combined with the eagle on rock obverse used on JC1792-1-JC1792-2/P6001-P6005.

Examples were struck in copper with probably 3 or fewer known. Old listings for these include Frossard's 5/1882, Brand journal id #68340 and Mehl's 2/44 Roach sale.

None had been seen in recent times until July 2007 when the illustrated piece above appeared on Ebay. It was later offered in Stacks 11/2007 sale. The piece illustrated below was offered by Heritage in their August 2007 ANA and 6/18 sales - PCGS62BN.

Photos courtesy of Ebay and Heritage.