Click to enlargeJA1822-1/P6215

This is an 1822 obverse die trial in copper struck outside the mint from dies sold as scrap probably by Joseph J. Mickley or Montroville Dickeson in the early 1860s. It does not appear to match any Overton variety.

The following 5 are confirmed.

1) ANS 1977.202.4

2) B/R 11/74, ANS 1977.202.5 - double struck

3) Parmelee, Byron Reed-Durham Museum.

4) W. E. Woodward's 46th sale 4/1882 lot 526, Garrett, JHU, B/R 11/79 Garrett I, Meyer - PGS62BN

5) Farouk, Judd, Witham-Auction 81, Logan-B/M 11/02, Mike Byers, Stacks 7/08, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 - PCGS64BN

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.