Click to enlargeP7040

This is an obverse die trial, struck in aluminum, for the 1920 Pilgrim Tercentenary.

It is ex Christie's (London) 12/87 lot 295, M&M America 8/2001 lot 49, Heritage 1/2002 lot 8852.

The genuineness of this and its companion reverse P7050 have been questioned thus they were not assigned numbers in the new Judd book.

On the obverse, the obverse stars and periods are larger and the clasp on the book is stronger. Governor Bradford's eye also appears to be closed and the motto 'In God We Trust' is uneven and not level.

Additional information on these can be found in the January 20, 1988 edition of Coin World.

An unquestioned genuine die trial of this design has since been discovered in the estate of the designer Cyrus E. Dallin and is listed as JA1920-2/P3552.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.