Questions on J167
April 23, 2000

Hi Andy, I'm not a member, just a curious collector. I really fell in love with this coin (or series of coins, as it turns out) when I saw one for the first time several years ago. I was finally able to purchase one recently, but have been unable to find out much about it or the others of its type - J163-J172 I believe. I'm very curious about these coins. My questions are these:

1. Are there any mintage figures available for these coins - originals, proofs and restrikes?

2. When were the restrikes made and for what purpose?

3. Why are there both proofs and business strikes? Would there have been more than one set of dies, or would the dies have been modified to produce the proofs?

4. My coin has an area on the "U" in "UNITED" on the reverse that looks as though it had been struck through some piece of metal or debris in the die. I see the same thing in the photograph posted on the website. My coin also has clear indications of die clashing on both sides. I would love to know if anyone knows anything about this.

5. Is there any population information on these coins?

Any information you might have, or sources you could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Leo Barton


Should anyone have answers for Leo, please send them to me at